PTx Pro 7 Iron - Trial Program

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This purchase is for a 14 day trial of the club and includes return shipping. Important terms:

  • This program is only available in the 48 contiguous states of the US.
  • Your club will be delivered within six working days from the date of your order.
  • From your receipt, you have 14 days to enjoy the club
  • After 14 days, you must return the club using the box and returns label provided
  • If the product isn't returned within 30 days, you will be charged the full retail price of a new club, or $175 for each 7 iron
  • You must look after the clubs as a reasonable person would - don't hit it out of the rocks, don't modify it in any way. 
  • After purchase, you will be emailed a special link to confirm agreement, place a $1 refundable deposit, and authorize us to charge your card if the club is not returned
  • If any problems arise, please contact us. We understand life happens, so if you aren't able to return it within the time frame, as long as we know what is going on, we'll work with you to find a solution.


PTx Pro Irons are the irons of choice for discerning players who want to make the most of today's advanced club manufacturing technology.

These irons suit extremely accomplished golfers who want to maintain their handicap, as well as very serious, committed players who want to dial in their game. The PTx Pro Irons pair a pure, traditionalist’s mindset with the advanced feel and feedback that only our three-piece, multi-step, multi-material forging process can deliver.


PTx Pro Irons utilize a proprietary three-piece, multi-material, multi-step forging process. This allows us to combine multiple materials into each iron head to deliver a consistent and linear Center of Gravity (CG) throughout the set. Each PTx Pro Iron in the set was designed independently for optimal performance.

The long irons feature a soft 1025 carbon steel body with a forged MS300 face. Co-forged, dense tungsten weight is placed in precise locations on the toe to balance mass across the face and promote straighter ball flight, with higher initial launch angles and more spin. This helps golfers hold the green on longer approach shots.

The shorter irons deliver a lower, more piercing ball flight to eliminate ballooning and enhance distance control. They, too, incorporate a three-piece construction technique, but use lightweight titanium weighting co-forged between the carbon steel body and face material.

Another benefit of our proprietary co-forged construction process is a consistent placed Center of Gravity (CG) on the face of each club head in the set.


The new PTx Pro Irons offer forged feel and feedback with today's most advanced materials and manufacturing processes while maintaining the undeniably clean, elegant head design and geometry that's pure Ben Hogan.

Each iron presents a seamless visual transition from the outside, but a radical engineering transition inside from iron to iron. The size and shaping of the PTx Pro represent years of testing and feedback from modern players seeking a higher, more stable ball flight than one-piece irons can provide.


PTx Pro Irons utilize our enhanced V-SOLE® design. With a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge on the sole, you’ll easily get the clubhead through the longest rough. And V-SOLE® technology cuts through the densest turf types, even when you are in the middle of the fairway.


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