GS53 MAX 10.5° Driver - Trial Program

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This purchase is for a 14 day trial of the club and includes return shipping. Important terms:

  • This program is only available in the 48 contiguous states of the US.
  • Your club will be delivered within six working days from the date of your order.
  • From your receipt, you have 14 days to enjoy the club
  • After 14 days, you must return the club using the box and returns label provided
  • If the product isn't returned within 30 days, you will be charged the full retail price of a new club, or $175 for each 7 iron
  • You must look after the clubs as a reasonable person would - don't hit it out of the rocks, don't modify it in any way. 
  • After purchase, you will be emailed a special link to confirm agreement, place a $1 refundable deposit, and authorize us to charge your card if the club is not returned
  • If any problems arise, please contact us. We understand life happens, so if you aren't able to return it within the time frame, as long as we know what is going on, we'll work with you to find a solution.


The GS53 MAX Driver is designed to deliver maximum distance off the tee for a wide variety of players and swing types. It’s a visually stunning, classically shaped driver that perfects the elusive combination of distance and forgiveness. For players looking for eye-popping distance off the tee without distracting graphics, useless technologies and an obscene price tag, the GS53 MAX driver is the answer.


The innovative four-piece design of the GS53 Max uses forged titanium, tungsten, and carbon composite materials to deliver maximum performance.

First, the ultra-lightweight carbon composite crown allowed for the repositioning of weight lower and more rearward. A heavy tungsten sole weight further enhanced that design feature. We did this to optimize the location of the Center of Mass inside the 460cc head for exceptionally high launch angles.

The driver’s face is 22 percent larger than the GS53 with precise bulge and roll geometries help bring drives struck towards the heel or toe back into the fairway, including Ben Hogan’s variable thickness Face Flex Technology to increase forgiveness. We’ve also added the famous Ben Hogan Speed Slot for enhanced aerodynamics and more club head speed.


The GS53 MAX driver takes many of its design cues from the GS53 driver. However, it’s a very different driver developed completely independently from the ground up.

The 460cc GS53 MAX driver’s face is 22 percent larger than the GS53 to help create a sense of confidence before the first swing. Shots struck in the center of the face deliver a pure, solid feel. Even off-center hits will deliver maximum distance.


Ben Hogan’s proprietary Flight Control™ adjustable hosel is ingeniously designed, yet simple and easy to use. Change the loft of the driver up to two (2) degrees from the base loft – one degree stronger or weaker. You can also change the lie angle and face angle from square to open or closed, and “tune” your driver to help overcome unwanted slices or hooks.

All adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds on any range, by any golfer, using the adjustment wrench provided. Best of all, the eight (8) settings are easily identifiable and don’t require re-orientation of shaft graphics or grip position. So, you’ll be able to keep the shaft and grip aligned to your personal preference no matter which setting you select.

GS53 MAX Drivers are offered with a variety of premium, brand-name aftermarket shafts.

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