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QWhy lofts vs. numbers?
AIt's the ultimate expression of precision – the way Mr. Hogan played the game. In today’s golf market, the numbers on the clubs have been rendered almost meaningless, as there are no standards for “what that means” – today’s six-irons, for example, range from 26-31 degrees. So we created the PreciseLoft™ system, where every club bears its actual loft. Then, by building clubs in every loft from 20 to 63 degrees, only Ben Hogan can deliver a set of irons and wedges perfect for any golfer:

• Your exact loft matrix 'fixes' the industry’s compression of lofts at the long end of the set by expanding the loft gaps back to the historic 4°, which delivers better distance differentials.
• Your exact loft matrix ‘re-compresses’ the loft differences at the short end of the set to give you one or two more clubs over 35° and tack-driving distance control where your all-important scoring shots are taken.
• Your exact loft matrix is fitted to your strength profile and launch angle tendencies to fine-tune trajectories like never before.

QCan I order a stock set?
AWhile there is really no such thing as a “stock set” of FT. WORTH irons, we can guide you to our most frequently specified loft selections. All you have to do is specify your desired launch profile and shaft.

• Low launch profile (Lofts - 20/24/28/32/36/40/44/48)
• Low/Mid launch profile (Lofts – 21/25/29/33/37/41/45/49)
• Mid/High launch profile (Lofts – 22/26/30/34/38/42/46/50)
• High launch profile (Lofts – 23/27/31/35/39/43/47/51)

QWhat are the costs of the clubs?
AOur standard retail price is $149 per club for steel shafts (KBS Tour V, KBS Tour 90) and $164 per club for graphite (UST Mamiya Recoil 660 & 680). We can accommodate any custom shafts for an extra charge. Your set cost is based how many clubs you choose. Our HoganFit™ Personal Bag Mapping Analysis will analyze your current set and your game, then will recommend your optimum loft chart. From that ‘prescription’, you can choose how many clubs you want to make up your set. 
QWhen will I receive my order?
AMost orders are shipped within 5-10 business days after your order is placed. 

Domestic US orders are shipped to physical addresses only. No post office boxes please. Shipments are FOB Fort Worth, TX (76134). Standard shipping is via FedEx Ground. Packages will typically arrive anywhere in the contiguous United States within 2-3 business days after leaving our facility.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email shipping confirmation containing your tracking number with a link to the carrier's website to track your shipment progress.
QDo you make left-handed clubs?
ANot yet. Our goal is to have the left-handed clubs in all of our current models and future models in the near future. If you would like to be the first to be notified when our “lefties” are ready, click HERE.
QDo you make clubs for women?
AWe believe women golfers should benefit from the same precision and quality as men. While we do not designate any of our clubs for women golfers, we can build a set of ‘Hogans’ to fit any golfer strength profile.
QCan I order just the wedges?
AYes. Our HoganFit™ Personal Bag Mapping Analysis will show you the exact lofts and specifications that will ensure a seamless transition to your current irons. You may select only the wedge lofts you desire and proceed to checkout.
QAre the FT WORTH irons defined as “blades”, and made only for the better player?
AWe actually shun the use of the oft-repeated terms “blade” and “game improvement” to define irons. And the FT WORTH irons blur that line anyway. We have applied an entirely new approach to iron weighting to deliver the precision, feel and ball control normally reserved for “blades”, with a measure of forgiveness that compares to any “game improvement” design. The result is that you no longer have to sacrifice one for the other. Our testing proves that most golfers of 12-15 handicap and lower will experience improved performance with the FT WORTH irons.
QHow do you measure your clubs?
ARemarkably, there is no industry standard in way manufacturers measure their shaft lengths. Our length standards are based on the historic Ben Hogan method of measuring on a Hogan length board to the last grip ring.
QDo you sell club heads only?
AWe do not sell club heads only. All clubs are fully assembled when shipped from our facility.
QCan Ben Hogan grips be purchased separately?
AYes. If you are interested in purchasing grips only, please call our customer service team at 1(844)53-HOGAN.
QWhat are my shaft options for the clubs?
AOur testing revealed the best performance in the FT WORTH irons and TK wedges was with the KBS Tour V (standard weight steel), the KBS Tour 90 (lightweight steel) and the UST Mamiya Recoil 660 and 680 in graphite. We also offer a selection of “in house custom” shafts at an extra charge, including KBS Tour C-Taper, C-Taper Lite, Nippon 850 & 950 GH, Nippon Modus Tour 130, True Temper Dynamic Gold, True Temper XP, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 & 110, MRC Kuro Kage LB. We can accommodate your personal preferences for any shaft readily available on the market for a reasonable upcharge.
QWhat are my grip options for the clubs?

Our Ben Hogan Performance Plus grip features the Lamkin R.E.L. ACE 3GEN technology and our distinctive Ben Hogan colors. In-stock custom options include: Golf Pride New Decade MCC, Golf Pride Tour Velvet (Ribbed, Cord), Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G, Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord, Lamkin Corssline (Cord), Lamkin R.E.L. ACE 3GEN

QHow do I track my order?
AAfter placing your order, you will quickly receive an email confirmation. When your order is complete and shipped, you will receive an additional email with your tracking information. If it has been more than 5-10 business days since your order please call 1(844)53-HOGAN.
QWhere do I submit a request for a charitable donation?
AIf you are interested in requesting a donation, please email us.
QHow do I find a Ben Hogan Partner near me?
AWe are still setting up our distribution network across the nation. If you are interested in finding the nearest Ben Hogan Partner, please email us.
QHow do I obtain a career position with Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company?
AWe are always seeking great talent. If you are interested in applying for a position, please email us.
QDo you accept International Orders?
AYes. Ben Hogan Golf will ship anywhere in the world. If you live outside the continental United States, please call 1(844)53-HOGAN.

International customers are responsible for all customs charges, taxes, duties and other governmental charges over which we have no control.
QWhat forms of payment do you take?
AWe accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal. We also offer PayPal credit, which allows you six months with no interest. Customers who prefer to pay via check or money order should contact Customer Service at 844-534-6426 for assistance.
QWhy was I charged sales tax?
ATexas law requires us to charge sales tax on all orders shipped to an address within the State of Texas. The rate is 7.25%, and by law is charged on the purchase and the shipping costs. We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped to addresses outside the state of Texas.
QWhat is your return policy?
AWe believe we have made the finest golf club ever made. If you have an issue with any club produced by the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company and we will be happy to assist in correcting the situation. Just give us a call: 1(844)53-HOGAN.
QWho determines if a club should be covered under warranty or if damages occurred by abuse etc.?
AAll warranty claims are evaluated by our Customer Service team. Please contact us if you have a question or problem that needs to be addressed.
QDo you repair any Ben Hogan Equipment produced by the previous company or another manufacturer of Ben Hogan Equipment?
AWe are sorry we cannot offer full support of any issues that were caused by a previous iteration of the Ben Hogan Company. 
QHow do you protect my information?
AWe respect the privacy and security of our users. Our privacy policy can be found here.

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